URL Shortener - FAQs

Who uses urls?

The domain is used by the owners of Visit Intel B-2-B Website Tracking tool. It is used to improve visit "intelligence" of anonymous visitors to the content our clients have posted on the web - whether on the client's site in the form of a video, PDF, or other difficult to track media - or on other sites such as Social Media.

What are the urls doing?

The urls from are just short urls. Very similar to,, and the myriad of other url shorteners. When someone clicks on a url, they will be redirected to the proper destination.

Why is the url shortener not available for free to the public?

We use these for very specific purposes, and we know our customers will not use them for anything nefarious. They are used as part of their overall marketing efforts and nothing more. If they are using these urls, then they are using our other tools like Visit Intel.

How can I use urls?

Start using our Visit Intel website tracking tool, and you will be able to use urls shortener for your marketing efforts. Sign up here for a free trial.